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"We are as ambitious as our clients to make their budget work which is why we've devised a flexible modular service which is results and not time driven"


About Rosier Consulting

What’s different about Rosier Consulting is our business model.

Rosier Consulting is an expert B2B marketing consultancy just for businesses in the mobile industry. Based in London, we provide director-level services in marketing strategy, marketing communications, product marketing, PR, web services and branding. With an international repertoire working with start-ups to international brands, Rosier Consulting is a high quality consultancy that will ensure your business has the cutting edge in the mobile space.

What’s different about Rosier Consulting is our business model. We provide a suite of modular services that span across all marketing functions. This means that one month you might need PR support, the next you might need an event organised or a web page designed. We provide a flexible offering that matches your business DNA, your budget and your timescale.

Having worked with over 20 mobile operators in Europe and with leading organistaions such as the GSMA, Rosier Consulting really understands mobile from the operator and the vendor perspective. As one of the only expert marketing consultancies in Europe, Rosier Consulting is passionate about mobile and delivers tailored programs that deliver results.