Branding and Graphic Design

Most businesses in mobile do not have the immense budget to afford specialist branding agencies. Many CEO’s already have a clear idea of the way they want their business to look and Rosier Consulting listens to the business and creates a brand to match the business’ unique DNA.

With our expert knowledge of the mobile space, Rosier Consulting has a deep understanding of brand design, is an innovator in the science and use of colour and creates leading brands that withstand and compete in the mobile marketplace. A brand should be a key business asset and Rosier Consulting delivers a brand that will create brand equity for the future.

Rosier Consulting graphics services provide everything a company needs for the long term, including a brand strategy, a brand visual identity and a toolset to represent your products and services. These graphics services integrate with all other Rosier Consulting services in a flexible modular service offering.

Rosier Consulting graphics services include:

Branded stationary and items: from business cards to give-aways
Collateral: datasheets to brochures
Demos: flash demos to show technology and services
Exhibits: pop up stands to posters
Logo creation
Presentations: flash presentations with the" wow” factor
RFQs: making bids presentable through clean graphics
Sales bids: professional documents