Getting the basics right first is something many businesses overlook. Rosier Consulting will help you in every area of your business, from creating your European marketing strategy to positioning your business in Mobile Europe magazine. There’s no point working on a great PR campaign, when your website isn’t up to date and your sales collateral doesn’t convey the right message. Rosier Consulting will sync your entire marketing toolset to your business DNA and optimize it to create a strong competitive edge.

Rosier Consulting Marketing services include:

Case studies writing
Writing success stories about your customers and the services or products they bought from you and creating a graphic-designed PDF to share with prospective customers and the media is one of the best marketing tools to win new business.

Product and Services Collateral
A winning set of collateral made up of product datasheets for the technical audience, marketing brochures explaining the vision and direction of your business as well as product diagrams and demos will help clearly communicate your business to a large audience.

Customer communications
From setting up an online interactive forum to communicate with customers, get feedback and create your own user forum to direct marketing to cross-sell your services, Rosier Consulting will write, design and manage your customer communications to drive loyal and satisfied customers.

Focus Groups
There is nothing like direct, face-to-face feedback. Many businesses think it’s only something large enterprises do but it brings valuable intelligence for product marketing and product development. A key part of any innovative mobile business, Focus Groups can be arranged for any demographics segment.

Internal communications
Communicating to internal stakeholders includes staff, shareholders, partners and suppliers. Your business’ value chain benefits from a communications platform that shares information, gathers intelligence and improves stakeholder relationships. Each internal stakeholder will need a different message that appeals to them and this needs to be integrated with the external communications program. Rosier Consulting can create, co-ordinate and manage internal stakeholder communications for any size business.

Lead generation
The lifeblood of any business, lead generation goes hand in hand with sales so with us, it doesn’t stop at marketing. Rosier Consulting will help drive new leads through a vast range of marketing campaigns that fit your business DNA. We help qualify leads and work with your sales team to bring leads with a project, budget and timeline, leaving your sales team to get on with selling.

Marketing strategy and planning
Rosier Consulting has ten years experience in mobile and our finger is always on the pulse. We can help you analyze and evaluate the market in Europe to draw up your marketing strategy and plan your marketing program, end-to-end. The marketing program would make use of the whole Rosier Consulting toolset based on best practice and industry standards.

Product marketing and positioning
Rosier Consulting will help you draw up a product positioning map and using leading analysis and best practice techniques will help you create the best product package to create maximum sales, based on your current offering and roadmap. This includes services such as product naming, product logos and ongoing competitive analysis.

Viewpoints, articles and white paper writing
To compliment an existing or new PR program, Rosier Consulting will write a library of content from viewpoints and opinion pieces to whitepapers to shake up the market and generate media coverage. Issues driven content also influences the wider analyst community looking for opinion and commentary and will help prospective customers understand your business offering through communicating the issues you will solve.

Vision and messaging writing
The life-blood of your communications plan, both internal and external, the business’ vision must be seen and easily understood by all your stakeholders. Setting you apart from the competition, a messaging document will show your core messages to describe your business, your products and services and your differentiators. Underpinned by proven evidence of success, a vision and messaging document is a living communications piece, which grows with your business.

Webinars and interactive forums
A great way to bring your services and products to life, webinars engage with your target audience through live discussions and demonstrations which trigger interaction and greater learning. Rosier Consulting is able to set these up and help write them, design the presentation, invite speakers and create an audience. Similarly we work with the leading analyst houses to use their webinar services which include an analyst and research data for the larger marketing campaigns.