Public Relations

PR is all about getting your message to your target customers, existing customers, partners and other key stakeholders. What’s important is to ensure your message is heard. Rosier Consulting will create a bespoke list of the news sites, blogs, magazines, newspapers and radio your target audience is following and create hard hitting PR campaigns directed at your audience to create brand awareness, augment your profile, drive new business leads and create thought leadership in your market.

Rosier Consulting understands your exact target audience and will need no learning curve, having worked in mobile for ten years. We will create a tailored and flexible PR campaign to attract maximum attention and generate coverage that will deliver results.

The Rosier Consulting Tactics

1) Creating news: Stories that appeal to journalists take talent to craft and unlike standard PR practice; we won’t issue a string of press releases that won’t generate quality coverage for you. We will work with you in creating your own messages to the market and create news about what you are doing and make news when there is no news through research.

2) Case studies with the WOW factor: Your customers are your best references and through telling their stories you can generate interest from the media as well as give your sales team a valuable tool to show potential customers what you’ve achieved. We would create a series of case studies to place in your top media so they appear in the magazines and websites your potential customers read. We would also put the case studies into useable tools for your sales team, presented in your branding.

3) Getting people talking about your business: We would create an influencer list made up of the press, analysts and industry influencers from the GSMA to the MMA. We would ensure that your business story is put forward using compelling quotes and offering interviews to the journalists writing the stories relating to your business for maximum share of voice.

4) Putting you in the spotlight with industry awards: There are a number of industry and professional awards throughout the year which every business should put themselves forward for. Only the businesses with compelling stories showing innovation, creating better customer experiences or being an industry first will be nominated for an award. However, many businesses already have the stories to tell and it’s up to Rosier Consulting to write the award submission and lobby with the judges to make sure your story is heard.

5) Auditing and engaging with what the media is saying about you: It’s important to engage with the media but it’s also vital to know exactly what they’re saying about you and about your competitors. Your message needs to fit with what the market is talking about and be news worthy. You also need to keep your finger on the industry pulse but might not have time to scour all the news and websites every day. Rosier Consulting will do this for you and alert to you to relevant breaking news as well as provide comment to journalists when you have an opinion on news relevant to your business.

6) Creating sponsorship opportunities to promote your brand: Rosier Consulting is very conscience of only proposing activities that will deliver a strong ROI for its customers and there are many sponsorship opportunities that make money out of businesses rather than delivering any ROI. However, there will be some key events from industry events to sporting events where your key targets are guaranteed to be, and having a strong presence there would bring significant return, from example speaking to that audience for half an hour or having your brand prominently everywhere. Sometimes sponsorship can create an elevated position that a business needs in order to engage and create a sales opportunity. When that opportunity is clear, then Rosier Consulting would present it with a business case and give you the information you need to make the best decision.

7) Developing a relationship with the industry and financial analysts: Analysts provide an educated and impartial view of their specialist area, which makes their opinion one of the most powerful and influential. In business-to-business PR campaigns, informing analysts about your business regularly and keeping them involved can have a direct effect on the quality of your press coverage. It can also have a direct affect on your sales deals and help closure, as the reports they write will be read by you potential customers and investors. Rosier Consulting will find the most influential analysts you need to build a relationship with for the long-term and ensure their perception of your business is in tune with yours.

8) Supporting your business with a press office: The press need a contact to call for information, if simply following up on a press release or in response to a brewing crisis. Your business need 24/7 support and the knowledge that a phone call will not be missed and that the right information will be given which is on message and doesn’t compromise your business. Rosier Consulting will provide a number to put on your website and to give out to your media contacts so that you can be safe in the knowledge your PR is being professionally managed at all times.

9) Positioning you as a thought leader: Your business will provide advice, best practice guidance and information to help your customers succeed and it’s this information that Rosier Consulting will develop into a series of compelling visionary opinion pieces. Opinion is about engagement and strong opinion on topical issues that will interest a media’s readers is likely to get covered in the press. Having a regular opinion means that your business is regularly part of the discussion and keeps you in the limelight. It also means that you are seen as a thought leader and your customers and partners will turn to you for your thoughts on the market and on issues relevant to them.

10) Media training, making you ready to talk to the press: You will have seen some people interviewed on TV who look confident, answer the question with a compelling response and who seem totally in control. It’s this way that Rosier Consulting will help their customers to be perceived, through training using real journalists who will make sure they’ve been put through the mill before they’re interviewed in the real world. Investing in training means that you’ll be confident not only to take on the press, but be more eloquent in answering tricky questions in business meetings, speaking at events and generally engaging with your audience.

11) Evaluation, measurement and reporting: Marketing and PR is an investment that needs to be measured and bring returns back into your business. From sales leads to brand recognition, there are a number of ways to measure your marketing. The best way to measure PR is through analyzing whether the press is covering your message, if you have share of voice over your competition and if you’re hitting your target audience. Rosier Consulting uses the best tools in the market to analyse your coverage in social media, print and online and tie it into your marketing mix to give a 360 degree view of your marketing outputs and results.